Kemal Morris

My connection to horticulture and herbal medicine spans 35+ years. I have 14 years experience in the medical marijuana field. I am well versed in all methods of plant and extract production. I breed incredible hybrids and have many genetics banked including the famous Charlottes Web and other 20+:1 CBD:THC varietals that have better terpene profiles. I have been a production manager of a Canadian facility licensed under the once MMPR now ACMPR program since June 2014.

I consult internationally on all aspects of cannabis production and use. I am well versed in strain to ailment correlation and have experience working with people suffering from Lyme, Cancer, Arthritis, MS, seizures and many other chronic illnesses.

I can be contacted at or please use the message center below.

Victoria BC Canada
Tel. 250-483-4240