We are lucky to be present during a time where there is more options to acquire cannabis as a medicine than there has been in almost 100 years.  Depending on a clients situation, different providers will be the most effective choice or sometimes the only choice.  In example:  When we encounter clients looking to treat cancers that respond well to high doses of THC.  The most effective treatments require doses many times stronger than is allowed by Health Canada in the ACMPR.  In order to get therapeutic doses within the ACMPR programs maximum strength limitations, a client would be prohibited not only by the exorbitant cost… but also by the physical limitations of having to drink huge volumes of the carrier oils used to dilute the cannabis extracts down to Health Canada’s specified concentrations.  So, in a case where higher concentrations of THC are needed, a client would either have to produce their medicine for themselves or source it from dispensaries where there are no concentration limitations.  We provide education and access to all the options that may work best for our clients excluding only those that we know to be unsafe or contra indicatory to their situation.