How To Use Cannabis

When you ask the question “How do I use Cannabis?”  We are here to help you find the answers your looking for.  As you engage with our educational service, we will provide the information you were seeking.  We will also equip you with all of the fundamental basics required to use cannabis safely.  Cannabis is a powerful medicine and needs to be respected as much as it needs to be understood.

Some people are not physiologically compatible with Cannabis while others cannot live without it.  With the help of a skilled cannabis consultant, you can make informed decisions that could change your life.

Novice/First Time User

How To Use Cannabis

Things you need to know before attempting to acquire cannabis:

  • What is cannabis. Cannabinoids. Terpenes.
  • Legal status of Cannabis; Age limits
  • Who should not take Cannabis
  • Forms of ingestion: pro’s vs con’s do’s don’ts
  • Activities not suitable while on Cannabis; Driving, recreation etc.
  • QC for cannabis procurement; pesticides solvents, carriers, contaminants
  • Percentages of cannabinoids and what they mean
  • Dosing/contraindications/alcohol/other drugs
  • maintenance vs therapy
  • Cannabis beginners kit

Focused Introductory Education

How To Use Cannabis

At this stage, our consultant will begin to identify the clients concerns and connect them to the pertinent general information from the introductory segment. Together they are then able to zero in on the clients specific needs without them ever feeling like they are just along for the ride.  Our purpose is not to simply provide answers.  Our purpose is to educate our clients such that when it is time to make decisions, our clients are confident in their decisions because they understand the purpose and potential outcomes.

Intermediate/Advanced User

How To Use Cannabis

For intermediate users, we will still cover the basics to ensure that they are properly equipped with all the information needed to make educated decisions.  It is not our place to just tell you how to do do everything.  While we do provide guidance and council, our main purpose is to empower you through education, so that you are always able to make decisions for yourself.

In our experience, intermediate users often have much of the information needed to safely use cannabis but do not understand all of the synergies and complimentary practices that can exponentially improve their desired outcomes.

There are many sources of misinformation on cannabis that can be misleading and even dangerous.  Engaging with our service allows us to test your knowledge and understanding of cannabis as a medicine and ensures that the information that you have is current and valid.